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Backstage pass continued
The original cemetery set. Used in '94 and '95. We kept the archway and step unit for the new set introduced in '98.
The ghost adagio ballet was seen in '94, '95, & '98. The dancer was partnered with a life size rod puppet in this "Black Light" dance.
Rare photo of Wacky Dracky in the Tricks'N'Treats show at Six Flags.
Morgan discovers what's clogging the drains at the "Magical House on Boo Hill."
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Make up call is 1 hour before the first performance of the day.
Cold Ethal chills out backstage.
This is Tim. If it needs to be done, this is the guy we call.
Everyone helps assemble the illusions after load in.
Visiting Camp Snoopy.
Morgan and one of the many sculptures she created for the set.
Spooktacular travels to Worlds of
Fun in a 53 foot semi trailer
Found this in the laundry.
Paul and Rebecca
Details, details, details.
Days and days go into
hand painting the drops.
Wacky Dracky gets a backstage visit
from Bobby "Boris" Picket
Mr. Monster Mash himself!
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