Vinny worked with the show from 1993 until 1998.
He was the chief illusion wrangler and magic assistant to Wacky and Morgan. He turned over the duties to Amadeus and headed west. Today he can be found working in Las Vegas as the stage manager for The Showgirls of Magic......lucky stiff.
Sam the "Bone man" was Choreographer, Dancer and an Actor in Spooktacular from 1994 until 1999. His work still influences the show to this day. We all miss him a lot. Sam has moved on to the Washington DC area to be around the other bone heads.
Gone, but not forgotten.
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Jen has made a lasting impression on Spooktacular. Her first appearance was in 2000 and no matter how hard security tried to stop her, she kept coming back to haunt us. Jen has hung up her feather duster and became the show choreographer in 2006.