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A New Drop for Spooktacular
The 2007 edition of Spooktacular features a levitation
of Morgan in the midst of a snow storm. It has been five years since this elaborate finale was staged last. It was our desire to make it even more Spooktacular by creating a multi drop setting for the icestorm. Below you will see how the cavern went from sketch to finished drop.
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We started with a 40' x 22' of muslin
dyed a blue grey color. The basics of
the ice cavern were sketched in with
black charcoal.
White, dark blue and a light blue scenic
paint was next spattered over the entire
surface to give texture
A cobalt blue was then airbrushed over the sketch lines to begin creating
depth to the ice cavern.
Once the cavern was shaped it could
be highlighted with a white paint.
The open areas were cut away and filled
with black net.