Wacky Dracky walks kids through performing 13 amazing tricks on an instructional CD ROM. Try your slight of hand at The Multiplying Bat, Zig Zag Lady, Finger Guillotine, Haunted Handkerchief and others. Includes props and accessories to help them master 13 tricks! Ages 8 and up.
Wacky Dracky's Spooktacular Magic Set
Wacky Dracky's Spooktacular Magic Set
One, two, or three cards are selected from the deck are then placed back into different places near the center of the deck. Magically, the deck begins to move and the selected cards one by one mysteriously work their way out of this spooky pack. Easy to perform and spooky to see!
The Haunted Deck
The Haunted Key
Haunted Deck
Haunted Key
A large, antique-looking key is removed from the magician's pocket and placed on his hand. With nary a movement or word from the wonder worker, the key mysteriously rolls over on command!

There are no threads, wires or other attachments to the key. Complete examination of the key is allowed at ANY point during the magician's routine. This masterpiece comes complete with key, instructions and secret.