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Although Wacky Dracky's exact age is not know for certain, what is know is that he was voted best magician (living or dead) by the Royal Carpatian Society of Conjurors in 1727, 1840 and again in 1975.

WD's first appearance in the United States was in 1986 at Six Flags Great Adventure. There he presented his show TRICKS"N"TREATS for the Halloween season. The show ran until 1989. Then WACKY DRACKY'S SIDESHOW OF HORRORS ran from 1990 until 1992. Six Flags Moved Wacky into the 1,500 seat Showcase theatre to star in a grand illusion show titled THRILLER for Halloween 1993.
In 1994 Wacky D. materialized at Kansas City's, Worlds of Fun amusement park. Bringing with him his Broadway styled magic and dance extravaganza, SPOOKTACULAR. Joining the cast was his co-star from THRILLER, the always lovely and totally curvaceous, Morgan. SPOOKTACULAR played at the 1,500 seat Tivoli Music Hall for 15 years!
Not confining himself to the Amusement parks, Wacky Dracky has toured with SPOOKTACULAR at theaters, casinos and dinner theatres.
She is the "Diva of Darkness" and co-star of SPOOKTACULAR. It is a little known fact that Wacky originally met the lovely Morgan while he was fleeing a group of torch bearing villagers in a remote part of Budapest in 1860. Wacky put the bite on
her for a few Drachmas and about a quart of O+

Morgan officially joined her "batty" friend when Wacky needed a Ghoul Friday for THRILLER at Six Flags Great Adventure. Morgan continued with her passion to be diced, sliced, disembodied, transformed and levitated when SPOOKTACULAR
opened at Worlds of Fun. Morgan adds style, grace and her own brand of michievous humor to the show. Morgan makes
Wacky Dracky look good while she does all the work.
Rotme Amadeus is the Major Domo of Wacky Dracky's castle. He is Wacky's number one guy. Although, Wacky often treats him like number two. Amadeus came into Wacky's employment after visiting the castle selling harpsichords door to door.
He told Wacky he had to make a sale because he hadn't had a bite in days....
So, Wacky bit him.
 Cleaning up after the castle's mayhem is an unending task. Amadeus has worked himself to death. But, it seems that he has yet to notice.
Wacky Dracky and Spooktacular, a large scale magic and illusion show. Created by Illusionist John Bundy and John Bundy Productions. Spooktacular is perfect for Amusement parks, Corporate events, Resorts, television and main stage shows. Spooktacular has toured nationally and internationally, presented at theaters, civic centers, hotels, resorts, convention centers and more. Spooktacular and Wacky Dracky are trademarked to John Bundy Productions. All rights reserved
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